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Revelation To John 

From "God"

(Prophet - John's Vision)

Old Testament

Book of Revelation - During a time of Roman Persecution

(A.D. 54-68)

After The Death of Jesus Christ

This book is unique in that the author who calls himself 

John - received a series of visions 

from God 

that form most of its content.

The recorded visions take the form of Apocalyptic literature:

 (Daniel Chapters 7-10) 

are full of symbols.

These symbols are like the "Language of A Secret Club,"

Used to keep people who didn't belong in the club from understanding what he 

( John - the messenger was saying.)

Specifically, the Roman Emperor - (Nero Caesar.)

This coded language allowed John to criticize the Roman Emperor without 

 putting his readers at risk of persecution 

and/or death. 

(persecution vs prosecution)

(Revelation 1.9)

Once the symbols were understood, it is clear that the 

Book of Revelation 

offers hope to those under persecution

(ie: hostility, and ill-treatment.)

Especially due to their Religious or Spiritual beliefs.

It expresses belief in God's justice and God's victory over evil. 

An John's time 

was embodied in the Roman Empire.

John himself, was exiled for preaching the Gospel. 

It also expresses the great Christian belief that God will ultimately 

be victorious 

at the end of time, when

Jesus Christ will come again 

in all His 

Full Power & Glory.

It's however, a mistake for Christians to try to decipher 


(the last and final book) 

as a prediction as to when and how that final coming will occur.

But we can take great joy and hope in the 



A new world where 


will restore order and wipe away every tear.

Death and suffering  

will be no more.

God Gives His Toughest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers.

Spiritual Awareness