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Got Caught In The Courts of Heaven

How Jesus Won The Case For Me

And Kicked Satan Out And Closed The Courts of Heaven Once And For All.

Maverick Johns

Jul 24, 2018 

     In one particular sub-culture of the Church, there is a teaching referred to as 

"The Courts of Heaven." 

A number of books have been written on the subject.

After looking into this teaching, it is evident that it turns the Good News into just ‘okay’ news. 

For many, what I am writing won’t be relevant at all because you may not have heard of it.. 

But for others, it will probably be  confronting. But I confront to bring freedom.

I write this because I spent many years subscribing to similar types of teachings and systems to try and twist God’s arm 

to act on my behalf. These do not reflect the exceptionally Good News of what Jesus achieved. 

For the record, I also enjoy the prophetic and the things of the Spirit. So let me get straight into it.

Broadly speaking, the idea of this teaching is that God wants to answer your prayers 

but is unfortunately constrained by legal rights that the devil has because of the sins of Adam and Eve.

The Sin 


Our Forefathers "Generational Curses."

 As one popular book tagline says, “Courts of Heaven." — Granting God the legal right 

to fulfill 

his passion and answer Our prayers. 

The teaching proposes that to assist God to answer our prayers, we need to go into the 

Courtrooms of Heaven 

to deal with sins, generational issues etc...via heavenly legal proceedings. We can get a ruling in our favor

and this will then enable our "Earthly" prayers to Jesus, more effective. 

The teaching is ‘confirmed’ by testimonies of those who have succeeded in obtaining healing, stopping catastrophic weather events, and affect outcomes in Government, etc.

This teaching is primarily premised on a couple of broad notions;

1. Judicial courts ARE operating in "Heaven."

2. Satan has access to these heavenly courts to accuse us.

3. Our sins, generational issues etc, gives him the legal right to do so.


     First, the use of the word courts in the Old Testament are frequently used in the context 


 "Royal" Courts And not Judicial Courts.

    However, there is plenty of evidence in the Old Testament of Satan coming before God 

and accusing man of any and everything he could think of.

Job and Joshua (Zachariah Chapter 3) are clear examples. 

Notwithstanding that the whole spiritual environment drastically changed after the cross.

Zachariah chapter 3: 6–7 

is often used to justify that a Christian needs 


operate in the 

Judicial Courts of Heaven.

“This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘If you will walk in obedience with me and keep 

my requirements, then you will govern my house and have charge of my courts

and I will give you a place among those standing here. 

(Verses 6–7)

We need to keep reading one more verse to see that this is ultimately a foreshadowing 


what Jesus can do for us:

“Listen, High Priest Joshua," You and your associates seated before me, who are men 

symbolic of things to come: I am going to bring my servant 

the Branch. 

While it is very evident that Satan could go into the Courts to accuse 

Jesus changed everything when he rose again. 

Let’s continue....


It’s important to note that the Accuser has nothing better to do than attempt to destroy our lives.

He comes to kill, steal and destroy.


God won't listen to him 


Through The Blood of Jesus 

God Doesn’t Have To Listen 


Anymore of His Lies

And Neither 

Do We.

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven” — Jesus (Luke 10:18)

Paraphrase — Satan got kicked out.

Hebrews 9:22–24. Also has a fascinating account:

   “That is why the Tabernacle and everything in it, which were copies of things in heaven

had to be purified by the blood of animals. But the real things in heaven had to be purified 

with far better sacrifices than the blood of animals.”


The Parallel Here Between The Earth and Heaven Is Interesting. 

Put simply; it is saying that 

not only did the earthly tabernacle require cleansing but also the heavens required cleansing 


“Better Sacrifices” 

(i.e. Jesus’ blood).

Why would Heaven need cleansing? Think about that!

The only reason is that Satan stood in the presence of God and Jesus needed to cleanse it. 

He’s now done it once and for all and Satan can no longer do what he did to Job or Joshua, 

the high priests in Zachariah’s time. 

Jesus' blood, The resurrection and Ascension fixed that.

If you put the devil back in heaven, then you need to put Jesus back on the cross again.

Jesus is not going to cleanse heaven again- he’s already done it once and for all.


The devil can’t come before God any longer to accuse us.

“And having disarmed his powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of himself, 

triumphing over them by the cross.” — Paul (Col 2).

But what about Revelation 12? 

The verses in this chapter often get cited as justifying that Satan is in heaven now accusing us. 

It is imperative to note that while there is conjecture as to the interpretation of this chapter 

(Like all things...Revelation.) 

There is a good body of scholarly work to say Revelation 12 is a Past Event.


The Book of Revelation 

is not to be interpreted as a linear sequence of events. 

"Linear Sequence of Events - Meaning"

The Order In Which Events Are Portrayed Corresponds To The Order In Which They Occur. 

Its Prophetic In Nature and Speaks To Events; Past, Present and Future.

In fact, the context of Revelation 12 centers on Jesus and the result 


Jesus coming to earth, dying and being resurrected as follows:

Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say,

“Now I have come from the Salvation and the Power and the Kingdom of our God, and the authority 

of his Messiah. 

For the accuser of our brothers and sisters

who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. 

Has the Salvation and the Power and the Kingdom of God come? 


It then follows, that the next part is true. That is...Satan has been cast down. 

If he hasn’t been cast down then the salvation, power and kingdom of God have not come. 

The two go together and are linked.

  However, lets for argument’s sake say that Revelation follows a linear timeline and Satan gets cast down 

in a future event.  

(As if he’s still there right now accusing us.)

Then, the problem with that approach 



Revelation Chapter 8 is before Revelation Chapter 12.

“When God opened The Seventh Seal, there was silence in Heaven for about half an hour.” 

(Revelation 8)

If...Satan were yapping like an annoying dog in heaven and accusing us 

to God without stopping 

(day and night) 

then why is there half an hour of silence in heaven before he apparently gets kicked out?

The bible is very clear that He has been kicked out because of  Jesus and the cross and has no access to Heaven anymore.

Legal Rights Of The Devil? 


It is a common teaching to hear that the devil has legal rights to our lives when we sin.

Jesus calls the enemy a thief (John 10:10). 

However, if our sins cause him to have legal rights then he is 

no longer 

a thief. So, putting it simply; if you have legal rights to something, then you aren’t a thief. 

Is Satan a thief or the rightful owner of some part of our life?

The only being that would want you to believe that is...the Devil, himself.



To believe anything else affects our confidence before the Father and points us to ourselves instead of everything that 

Jesus has done for us.

We are free. 

We already have been bought with a price (through the Blood of Jesus), and Satan has NO rights to us.

Even if we indulge the argument further and say that sin does open a ‘door.’ 

The devil still has NO legal rights to access!

 It would be like us leaving the front door of our home open....Just because we have accidentally left 



doesn’t mean a thief has a ‘legal’ right to enter. 

The thief is there illegally and must leave!

Does sin affect us? 

Yes, of course it does... Sin has a in-built punishment where we feel out of character, 


it doesn’t suit 


Nature of a Believer.

Because of the cross, sin is NOT the devil’s stronghold. The Father now has a luxury through 

The Blood of Jesus to use our sins for His glory and our benefit. 

All things Work Together For The Greatest Good.

David says “Goodness and Mercy follow me”. They follow me and clean up my mess as I make it.


Another verse that “proves” the Courts of Heaven teaching is 1 John 2:1. 

Most translations render it something like “My Dear Children, I write this to you so that you will not sin."  

But when we do sin, we have an advocate with 

The Father 

 "Jesus Christ - The Righteous One."

Note -it doesn’t use the word “Judge” in 1 John 1:2. It says an advocate with the “Father.”


It’s A Family Thing, Not A Judicial Thing.

Additionally, the word for Advocate is Parakletos. This is the same word that is used to describe 

"The Holy Spirit As Comforter."

While the literary term of the word is “Advocate," some scholars don’t believe it’s the only 

rendering for this word.

The translator of the Passion Translation notes the following:

The Greek word used here is Paráklētos, which is a technical word that could be translated as

Defense Attorney.”

 It means one called to stand next to you as a Helper.  

Various translations have rendered this, Counselor, Comforter, Advocate, Encourager, or Intercessor.  

However, none of these words alone is adequate and fall short in explaining 

the full meaning. The translator has chosen the word Savior, for it depicts the role of 

the Holy Spirit 


protect, defend, and save us from our self and our enemies and keep us whole and healed. 

He is the One who guides and 

defends, comforts and consoles. 

Keep in mind that 


Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ, 

Our Savior. 

The Aramaic word is Paraq-leta, which is taken from (two root words)

1.(Paraq.) “To End, Finish, or To Save."

 and 2. (Leta)

A name that means angelic, god-like, and non-judgmental. If you find yourself in the presence of a Leta you are 

lucky indeed. She is the person who will put everything in perspective for you. 

She is sort of like the human equivalent of Mother Earth.

  What a beautiful word picture, the Holy Spirit comes to end the work of the curse 

(of sin) in our lives and to save us from its every effect! 

Paraq-leta means “A Redeemer Who Ends The Curse.” (The Passion Translation — Footnotes)


The other argument that is frequently presented is that people have literally experienced 



Victory through engaging 


The Courts of Heaven system.

I am not here to deny anybody’s experience. I am fully aware that God is gracious enough to help out 

no matter how we approach him. Often we enter into faith and expectancy and God responds.

However, experience alone does not prove or confirm the truth of a teaching. 

Those who practice other religions or New Age, will often cite their experiences 

of Angelic encounters healing, or insights into the future. 

I doubt any believer would be keen to endorse the validity of these teachings based on the stated experience.

Or would they?


Jesus Paid It All. Satan has been kicked out of Heaven. And has NO legal right to our lives. 

The Courts Are Closed!

The Courts of Heaven is a religious system rooted in the unbelief that Jesus didn't accomplished it all. 

A lie straight out of the pits of HELL!

We are encouraged to enter into works rather than rest in faith.

Ultimately, it puts the responsibility of success at the feet of the Worshiper rather than in the hands of Jesus.

“Where Are Your Accusers?” — Jesus (John 8)

Courts Of Heaven





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