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"Covenants of The Deity"

Promises Made By God 


Prophetic perfect tense - › wiki › Prophetic_perfect_tense

The prophetic perfect tense is a literary technique used in the Bible that describes future events that are so certain to happen that they 

are referred to in 

the past tense as if they have already happened.





Punishment Inflicted or Retribution Exacted For 

An Injury or A Wrong

Revelation 22:12

Vengeance is Mine Saith, The Lord.

Behold, I Am Coming Soon

Bringing My Recompense With Me

To Repay Each One For What They Have Done.

I Am He, That Was Dead And Now Live...And Alive Forevermore!

I Have The Keys of Death And Of Hell.

Remember, Therefore How Thou Have Received and Heard. 

Hold Fast and Repent.

If Therefore Thou Shalt Not Watch, I Will Come On Thee As a Thief 


The Night, And Thou

Shalt Not Know What Hour I Will Come Upon Thee.

Revelation 18:02

And He Cried Mightily, With a Strong Voice Saying,

Babylon The Great Is Fallen, Is Fallen And Has Become 


Place of Devils


The Hold 


 Every Foul Spirit.

A Haunt for Every Foul Bird.

And A Haunt for Every Foul And Hateful Beast.

He That is Unjust, Let Him Be Unjust Still:

And He That Is Filthy, Let Him Be Filthy Still; 

And He That Is Righteous, Let Him Be Righteous Still;

And He That Is  Holy , Let Him Be Holy Still.

Revelation 3:12

Him That Over cometh, Will I Make a Pillar In The Temple of God And I Will Write Upon Him The Name of My God

And The City of My God: And I Will Write Upon Him 

My New Name

Revelation 1:11

He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear What 

The Spirits Saith 

Unto The Seven Churches.



"The Alpha And The Omega."

The First And The Last: 

"And What Thou Seest, Write In A Book.

Unto Ephesus. Unto Smyrna.

And To Unto Pergamum.

And Unto Thyatira.   

And Unto Sardis.

And Unto (Philadelphia.)

And Unto Laodicea."

Come Hither, "And I Will Show Thee The Bride

The Lambs' Wife."


"And I Will Give Him a White Stone And In That Stone 

New Name Is Written, Which No Man 


Except The One Who Receiveth It."

Revelation 2:17

Proverbs 21:11, When the scorner is punished, the simple is made wise: and when the wise is instructed, he (receiveth) knowledge.



( 1.) A prediction of the future or ( 2.) A Re·vel·a·to·ry  Utterance. 

The word Prophesy Is A Verb.

For Someone Who Is To Prophesy 


(1.) To Predict

(2.) To Reveal By Divine Inspiration


(3.) To speak As A Prophet. (A Messenger.)


Foreboding, Omen.

Portent  (noun)

 A Sign or Warning That Something, Especially Something Momentous 



Is Likely To Happen. 



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Involving Calamity; Catastrophic or Disaster.








Prevision, Prospectus

Anticipation, Foreknowledge


Conjecture  Or Guess About An Event 

An Occurrence.



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An Incident or  Event.


Words. (Not Occurrences.)

Incident, Happening, Phenomenon, Affair, Matter, Experience, Circumstance, Development, Contingency, Eventuality

A Sign (Covid -19) 

(Cold or Flu-like Symptoms?)

An epidemic or Frequency of Something Happening.

The Fact of Something Existing or Being Found in A Place or Under 

A Particular 

Set of Conditions Or  Circumstances


"Harbinger of Death"

The Supernatural Power


Sense An Impending Death 


 A Death That Has Already Happened


Millennium, Century, One Decade Includes How Many Years? 

By Convention of 


Gregorian Calendar

Timelines Are Formulated Into Years: 

1 millennium = 10 centuries = 1000 years

The Predetermined amount of time of  Lucifer's' last reign

Current Generation...Called Millennials'


Generation X.


Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964 (54-72 years old) 

Generation X: 

Born 1965-1980 (38-53 years old) 


Born 1981-1996 (22-37 years old) 

A person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.

"the industry brims with theories on what makes millennials tick"

The most selfish generation in history.

Post-Millennials: Born 1997-Present (0-21 years old)

Generations X,Y, Z And The Others...

The Depression Era. Born: 1912-1921...

World War II. Born: 1922 -1927...

Post-War Cohort. Born: 1928-1945...

Boomers I or The Baby Boomers: Born: 1946-1954...

Boomers II or Generation Jones: Born: 1955-1965...

Generation X. Born: 1966-1976...

Generation Y, Echo Boomers or Millenniums: Born: 1977-1994...

Generation Z. Born: 1995-2012...

Pope Sylvester II and others According to several sources, various Christian clergy predicted the Second Coming in

The Millennium

1000 Years

No Living Human Knows The Exact Date

 As a result, riots were said to have occurred in Europe and pilgrims headed east 

to Jerusalem. 

Other historians, however, have disputed that any of these events ever took place.

Predictions and claims for the Second Coming of Christ.

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The Second Coming is a Christian concept regarding 

the return 

of Jesus to Earth after his "First Coming" 

and his believed ascension 

to heaven about two thousand years ago. 

The belief is based on Messianic prophecies found in the canonical 

gospels and is part of most Christian Eschatologies. 



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The part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind.

"Christian hope is concerned with eschatology, or the science of last things."

Views about the nature of Jesus' Second Coming vary among Christian denominations and among individual Christians.

A number of specific dates have been predicted for the 

Second Coming. 

This list shows the dates and details of predictions from notable groups 

or individuals of when Jesus was, or is, expected to return. 

This list also contains dates specifically predicting 

Jesus' Millennium, 

though there are several theories on when 

the Millennium is believed to occur in relation to 

The Second Coming.

Does the decade start in 2020 or 2021?

Recently, there has been much debate about when the old decade 

ends and the new one begins. Some say this decade ended on 

December 31, 2019, and the start of the new one begun on January 1, 2020. 

For others, the new decade doesn't start until January 1, 2021; 

the old one concluding on December 31, 2020.

Polls conducted in 2012 across 20 countries found over 

14% of people 

believe the world will end in their lifetime, with percentages ranging 

from 6% of people in France to 22% in the 

US and Turkey. 

Belief in the Apocalypse is most prevalent in people with lower 

rates of education, lower household incomes, and those under the age of 35.

In the UK in 2015, 23% of the general public 

believed the Apocalypse 

was likely to occur in their lifetime, compared to 10% of experts from 

the Global Challenges Foundation. 

The general public believed the likeliest cause would be nuclear war, 

while experts thought it would be (artificial intelligence.)

Only 3% of Britons thought the end would be caused by the 

Last Judgement, compared to 16% of Americans. 

Between one and three percent of people from 

both countries 

said the Apocalypse would be caused by 

zombies or alien invasion.

What Years Are The Generations?

Which Generation 

Are You?

Generation Name Births Start Births End

Generation X (Baby Boomer)

1965 1979

Xennials 1975 1985

Millennials Generation Y, Gen Next 1980 1994

iGen / Gen Z 1995 - 2012