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(The Goat)

Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

A last minute invitation this week could force you to be more spontaneous than you like to be. But Capricorn, that's a good thing.

You may be stuck in a restrictive mindset where you 

feel like you have to plan everything down to the last detail. 

But sometimes just going with whatever 

fate offers you can be thrilling and rewarding. 

Be more in tune with your life vibrations, 

and you might actually like being a bit 

less structured.

You may feel very optimistic about a venture you 

will be discussing or reviewing this week, but be careful 

who you share your enthusiasm with.

If you appear too confident, you might cause others to 

think you are taking too many risks.  

Just allow the positives to speak for themselves as the 

venture unfolds naturally.  

There may be something to celebrate this week, but you 

may not be in a celebratory mood. 

Even so, you need to consider that a bit of celebration will 

have a happy impact on others, and if you go along with it, 

then it might even spark an uplifting mood 

in you too.

Try to be more carefree this week, even if you have to force yourself!


**Daily Horoscope Previous Week**

Monday August 03, 2020

Are you overly analytical, Capricorn? 

Well, maybe sometimes you are. In fact, you do occasionally 

get so caught up in the measuring, quantifying, 

and defining 

of something to the point where your reason behind 

it begins to lose all meaning. It is okay in certain situations 

to go with a whim, to believe in a far-fetched 

idea and to follow your heart. 

You may soon find yourself in a place like this. 

Before you start analyzing, measuring, quantifying 

and defining, 

you need to evaluate what you are actually feeling, and go with that.

Tuesday August 4th, 2020

You might feel like a powerhouse today, Capricorn. You are confident, courageous and well-spoken. 

Yes, this is true not just 

today, but actually most of the time for you,

however, today you might feel especially emblazoned with these 

attributes. So, how can this day be different from every 

other day because of this?

Well it won't be necessarily. To make this day different, 

you need to take advantage of this extra 

zest you have right now. You have to 

aim high and work on something on which you can 

proudly put your signature,

You are pretty much guaranteed a great experience if you try your best.

Wednesday August 5th, 2020

You want something done and you want it done yesterday. 

Time cannot move fast enough to get you to where you 

want to be, Capricorn.  

You may have a deep aching for something in your life 

to change because you are envisioning 

that this will 

change your entire life and make you happier. 

You may even feel that if something doesn't happen in a certain way, 

you won't be happy. 

Don't give your power away so easily.

The change you seek now needs to come from within.

Only you can make this happen, but you have the power that is needed.

Devote yourself to that right now.

Thursday 6th, 2020

All of us experience some level of fear when making the toughest decisions we face in life: Who to marry, what to study 

in school, which job to take, and there are 

even deeper, tougher, more personal problems that 

we all face as well.

And although we may dread making these important 

decisions, they have the potential to bring enormous 

relief and even greater happiness. 

You are facing 

a dilemma now, Capricorn, but the answer you 

arrive at has the potential to put you in a fantastic place.

Don't dread it.

With your solid, logical mind, figuring it out won't be hard at all.

Friday August 7th, 2020

Choosing a partner for a new effort is often based on that person's abilities, knowledge, and experience in the relevant areas. 

This is something you look for, Capricorn.

But don't overlook the compatibility - or lack thereof that you 

have with someone.

Feeling in sync with someone you have to work with is 

essential to a smooth, conflict-free experience and that's exact;y what you need right now.

Not only will the process be easier, but you will be far more likely

 to form a strong and united front to conquer any challenges 

along the way.

Saturday August 8th, 2020

If you are faced with moving a heavy piece of furniture from 

one side of a room to another and you are alone, 

you might think it was a task not worth attempting. 

But with a little bit of creativity 

and physical leverage, 

you could get it done. You might try for example, picking 

up one corner at a time and moving it a little bit closer with 

a twisting motion.

It might take you a while but you could do it. You might 

think a daunting task you are facing now is impossible, 

but don't give up dear Capricorn.

There is a way you just haven't discovered yet. 

Think about 

small steps that can get you closer to your goal.

Sunday August 9th, 2020

Have you ever seen two goats in a battle, perhaps on a nature or 

wild-life show?

Those muscular, powerful beasts put their horns down and charge 

ahead with all their might, butting heads so forcefully, 

that it sounds like a thunderbolt when they meet.

And they do this over and over.

When there is something you want or believe in, this is the way 

you go for it too. But what happens when you clash with 

someone like yourself? Before you charge forward, 

try to work it out in a more cerebral way. 

You could save yourself quite a headache.

Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

Rather than arguing about something that has gone on in a relationship, Capricorn, you might want to just scrap the disagreement 

and make a fresh start. 

And if you do make sure you let go of old grievances and truly begin anew. 

If you do, chances are that you can achieve a satisfying 

meeting of the minds.

Harmony is very attainable with this approach. 

If something 

goes wrong with a well-laid plan this month, it would be easy 

to jump to conclusions about what went wrong, 

why it went wrong, and who is to blame.

But haphazard assumptions can easily lead to regrets. 

Don't guess or speculate.

Wait till you have all the facts before proceeding.

You may not have all the answers to a family dilemma in the coming weeks ahead, but you will just have to be satisfied with what you do have.

If information is missing that may be because you are not yet meant to know more than you do.

Don't question it.

This is the time to wait on the sidelines and just assume that what needs to happen will happen at just the right time, and then let it go. 

If someone spoke to you in a language that you did not understand you probably could not guess everything they said.

But if it were important to you, you would find a way to have it translated.

You may now be confused by someone's message. 

Don't guess.

Look for a factually correct interpretation.