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break every chain

Poem by Diane Christian

Jesus has the power to break every chain

Giving us freedom and peace of mind 

Nothing can hold us back

For there is nothing we have to hide

For Jesus is with us

He is on our side

The enemy tries to attack us

He is roaming all around 

But we can stand firm

For The​ ​Lord gives us a spirit of Love 



a sound mind

Nothing can bind us again

For Jesus has the power to break every chain. 


Psalm 116: 16

O Lord i am your servant, 

yes, i am your servant born into your 

household you have freed me 

from my chains

Psalm 72:14

He will redeem us from oppression 

and violence

For we are precious to him.

2 corinthians 3:16

Where the spirit of thé Lord is 

there is freedom.

2 timothy 1

God has not given us a spirit of fear

But of Love and 


sound mind.

Isaiah 9:4

For you will break the yoke of 

their slavery

And lift the heavy burden from our shoulders

and break the oppressors rod.