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Born a Southern Philly in Shenandoah County Virginia

on December 22, 1962

Vhonda A. Carter aka (Vonda), a birth name bestowed 

to her by her paternal Aunt, was miraculously brought 

into existence by divine order, 

(a mold broken by God)


Anita Carter and Clarence Allen Robinson, Jr. 

An only child between the two, under 

the Astrological sign 



(The Goat)

Current Generational term

 Acronym- for the word



All Times.

Later raised by her maternal grandmother and graduating from 

Warren County High School in Front Royal in 1980 

as an orphan.

(One in which, at first, her family didn’t know what to do with) 

at the tender age of 

( 9 ) 

due to the murder of her Mother Anita, by her Mothers’ 

Baby Brother;

(Her favorite and doting Uncle.)


September 1972.

The (tender years) doctrine has been a legal principle in family law since 

the late nineteenth century.

19th century/Period

January 1, 1801 – December 31, 1900



Learn to pronounce


Extremely and Uncritically Fond of Someone; Adoring

"Example: She was spoiled outrageously by her doting father."

In the tiny town of (Nineveh), Virginia. 

(Public information)

The song playing, during the event that formed and changed her life forever 

as she knew it,

ironically happened to be; 

“Have You Seen Her,” by The Chi-Lights.

( Nineveh - Also Known As ) 

The City of Bloodshed, corruption, evil, and disobedience,

is referenced by and described 

in the 

Holy Bible/The Old Testament. 

The one and only city in which God sent his 

Prophet Jonah 

to warn its inhabitants about the imminent and intended 

impending destruction, 

by Him

 due to total lawlessness.

Years later, Vhonda began seeking help on her own accord

when needed, at the naive age of 27, which coincidentally, just happened 

to be the same 

age as her mother, at the time of her death. ie; murder, sacrifice.


(The end-results of being sheltered.)


Learn to pronounce


(Of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.

"The rather naive young man had been totally misled"

(of a person) 

natural and unaffected; innocent.

"Andy had a sweet, naive look when he smiled"





















easily taken in

easily deceived




born yesterday







A location prophesied and written about millions of years ago

before, (B.C...the birth of Jesus Christ.)

The help she was seeking, however, were attempts at some possibility 

of understanding the role and/or purpose of her existence, 

as therapy was never offered 

to her as a child.

Due to being traumatized by the circumstances of strange and unusual 

events from the beginning of her life 

to her current age of 57, 

her diagnosis includes Manic Depression and PTSD. 

(No longer just a Soldier specific diagnoses)

Suffered by many, due to trauma.

Trauma is the experience of severe psychological distress following any 

terrible or life-threatening event. 

The beginning stages of her development would have life long, 

altering and rippling effects.

Those particular events did nothing more than strengthen her belief, in a much higher power than herself, in what would be continually and critically developed 

in years to come.

A Constant Work In Progress.

Continually learning, through the transforming process stage, 

 connecting her to 

Spirituality not Religion. 

Even-though her Ancestors include Catholic, 

Black-foot and Cherokee Indian, Caucasian, Scandinavian, African, 

and a percentage of other 

nationalities through DNA analysis, 

not just 

word of mouth,

She considers herself, every woman, in one way or the other.

Never considering herself to be a victim, 


she is a survivor of many things including incest 

by her mother's husband.

Traumatizing event number two, (right from the start) 

and immediately after being 

witness to her demise. 

Revealing the true depths and meaning of the quote...

"Wolves in Sheeps' Clothing."

(A ravening wolf-In fact.)

Only through the Art of Forgiveness was she able to live with the shame of what she felt, through no fault of her own.

(The Art of Forgiveness)

Forgiving is easier said than done, but there are ways to make it easier.

Other times our anger over wrongdoing done to us is 

exacerbated by the absence of an apology or a failure in legal justice, 

making forgiveness all the harder to achieve.

Mind-blowing, life altering epiphanies in which she never even had a chance to grieve for nor fully recover from.


A manifestation of a divine or supernatural being

Having no one to turn to share, run to for shelter nor 

protect her from 

any of her past/future transformational nor additional 

life-long lessons 

she would have to face alone in her journey of life.

Incest...An astounding experience that soils the human soul 

of many women, 

bringing about misunderstood shame.


A painful feeling of mental and physical humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of

wrong or foolish behavior induced by others.

Married twice which included extreme mental and physical domestic violence, 

and unsuccessful suicide attempts.

A woman who was once used and abused due to simply 

being cut from 

an apparent different cloth of caring for others and attempting 

to give people the benefit of the doubt, but to no avail. 

 "Dependent NO More!"


(One of many self-help books she explored)...

A self defense mechanism to protect herself from

those who attempted to capture her, destroy her, and eliminate 

her focus, love and faith for her Savior;

Her Alpha and Omega


Her Steady and Consistent 


She became a Widow on Memorial Day 2005. 

Every event in her life


Amazingly and Un-mistakenly specific.

Previously divorced and currently and finally on the journey 



Singled Out for God’s Assignment


“Widow’s Valley of Learning,” 

Another title of a book, which just magically appeared in 

her possession in 2010.

She loves  books.

Her biggest problem...Learning to listen to and for the voice 





her own internal voice which always lead her astray, because 

she simply didn't know.

Yet, finally realizing that "HE", with all His amazing 

Grace and Mercy has always 

been right there for her and with her... all along. 

Never leaving her side.

And she didn’t even know it. 

As she has always walked solo...(Or so, she thought.)

Her philosophy; Experience Is The Best teacher.

God revealed and continues to reveal to her other

facts about herself, like never before.

Such as;

She was consecrated before birth.



to make or declare sacred; set apart or dedicated to the service 

of a deity:

to make (something) an object of honor or veneration; hallow:

a custom consecrated by time

to devote or dedicate to some purpose:

a life consecrated 

to admit or ordain to a sacred office 

*Not Self Proclaimed*

Which explains a lot of mysteries, pertaining to her life. 

Along with a wealth 

of revelations, as to the many answers to “Why,” questions.

Including the ways she is connected to the 

Old Testament...

For example: The last book of the Bible and Revelation 22:12. 

Some people fear the Book of Revelation.

No "S."

Revelation...A combination of 


Reverted numbers...Her month and day of birth. 

It is 


who declares 

the connection of the Last Book of the Bible and how it pertains to "her life."

In addition to the revelation of the word 


and its connection:

Spelled Backwards


She always knew the location, as she was there, but never reverted the name 

or numbers previously in her life.

Age, date and year of her Mothers' death:

Age 27

September 1972

(She currently wears 20 piercings, with seven more to go.)

In honor of her mother. 

Each having a story of their own throughout her life.

8 tattoos for




Forgiveness and Wisdom

A Tribal tattoo, a band, open to release her soul

and a Cross with Wings.

Inscribed... "Only God Can Judge Me."

All done on her 50th birthday

Reaching half a century later, was not in (her plan), but as 

"Right of Passage."

(Never thinking she would reach the age she is.)

And recent reverted 

(27 's)

behind both ears. 


Approximate years  prophesied A.D, Jesus Christs' return: 

2000 years ago.

Putting us in the last generational stage.


The Years and Generation of The Millennial.

The tail-end of the last 1000 years.

(One Millennium = 1,000 years)

Pope Sylvester II, was quoted as having the closest prediction 



Not even Jesus Christ is suppose to know the exact date.




Walks With Man

Right Here...Right Now

Just Like His Father Said.


"Like A Thief In The Night" 

Is how God (The Creator) said He would return

Along With His Recompense

To Reclaim What Is His.

Revelation 16:15

The Millennium Apocalypse at the end of the 1st millennium. 

Various Christian clerics predicted the end of the world on this date. Following the failure of the 

(1 January 1000, the month, day and year) 

the above prediction, 

some theorists proposed that the end would occur 1000 years 

after Jesus' death (1033), not of his birth.

Having moved to Philadelphia, Pa in 1996, Vhonda wasn’t aware 

of the fact that she was born with a spinal disorder 

until her second return in 2011. 

After experiencing partial paralysis, from the waist down, her Spine Surgeon attempted burning her nerve roots, among other things, before deciding he could do nothing more for her, 

 in order for her to live comfortably with the pain, 

(not including the mental pain of her past). 

He advised her 

that not only was she born with one disability but in fact 

(a total of five, verified physical disabilities.) 

A body of evidence, broken down by working many different jobs 

including but not limited to

employment with Scotland Yards

Drexel University

Villanova University 

The Social Security Administration 


Halifax Engineering

300 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa in 1996


to name a few in order to provide for her, then immediate family.

Her two children, now 37 and 40, and first grandchild, 20.

Racio, her first child was born out of love. 

Currently in the United States Navy and has been serving for 

20+ years. 

A 3 time college graduate, a firefighter, as well as a 

current member 

of the Coast Guard. Has traveled all over the world 

in disaster relief efforts.

He has two children, Maya and Charlotte, and is married to 

a loving wife.

Anita, who was adoringly named after her maternal grandmother

and  great-grandmother

in which she never met, graduated from Lincoln Tech 

in Philadelphia, 

and is currently working in Administration.

Her son, Kishon, (named after a brook - body of water) 

in the Bible, 

(and covered by The Blood of Jesus),

Also carries the "spirit" of a third cousin who

was successful in his suicide, with the same name, in which neither 

he nor his mothers' mother ever met, and forgot about,

until the incident...Son of the Uncle who murdered 

His great-grandmother, ended his life with a self - inflicted 

head wound.

She's quite sure he's smiling down from heaven.

Another son of God.

As not everyone can handle the perils of life.

Sins of the Father...He too unknowingly had to pay, at age 32.

Somebody had to clean up the mess.

A generational curse

For the unbeliever

Named by his mother’s mother, (Shon-a leader), was born in


went to Charter School and Boys Latin also wears two 

tattoo sleeves 


his love for West Philly.

(Not many speak Latin, who wasn't born into it.)

Before graduating from Philadelphia Community College, 

a newspaper article was written honoring him and all he achieved during his short attendance there,

not only received his education, but was also 

employed at the College simultaneously.

Previous jobs at 16, included working at the neighborhood Barber Shop, 

Sayre Health Clinic, on Walnut Street. And is currently 

a Sailor in the United States Navy, also. (2019)

Due to the discovery of being afflicted for life, Vhonda had 

no other choice but to have surgery to relieve the pressure 

off of her spinal cord in 2015. 

Suffering mentally from that epiphany, knowing she could no longer work, in ways that she was used to and 

 previously counted on to take her focus off of the many 

“demon spirits” 

in the form of man, situations and events.

Before, she was always able to remove herself from any environment that caused her distress in any way

however, she fell into a familiar deep, dark and severe depression, 

in ways that surfaced as 

internal self-destruction, she became Pre-diabetic, and was deemed morbidly obese.

She stopped counting the weight loss after her spine surgery 

and gastric by-pass, upon losing 130 plus pounds.

Currently homeless, once again through no fault of her own.

With Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry as her inspiration;

If they can conquer homelessness, so can she.

Now, looking forward to and awaiting her reward in her

Heavenly Home.

As is written in the Holy Bible;

"In My Father's House, There Are Many Mansions."

More promises from "God."

All In Divine Order

In His Time, In His Way.

Footnote; To those of us much grief is given...Much is required 

to survive 


perils of life. 


(Carries a lot of Responsibility)

Yet Still She Stands

#Spirit Unbroken.

#Faith Strong.