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A Vision 

The Courtroom 



By Maurice Skyler

Words & Visions

January 16, 2019


 I had a vision/prophetic experience as I was eating lunch recently. Suddenly a portal opened in the spirit realm and my angel said to me, 

     “You are summoned to come to the 




You are to record the case being tried now, so that God’s people will know the lateness of the hour. 

You must warn them so that the Bride may awaken 

and take heed! 

"The time is short!”

       I was escorted by two angels to a seat on the left side down front 


The Supreme Courtroom. 

There were many hundreds of angels and saints already seated before 

the Bench. I was surprised how much 

it looked like our Supreme courtroom in America, 

except it was much larger. It looked more like a giant arena with thousands of seats ascending up as far as I could see. There were five big leather “lawyer-like” chairs with wings on each side in the front row. They reminded me very much of the kind of chairs my father always sat in behind his desk at his law firm years ago. 

There were gold-embossed cards on them that said, “Recorder” on all five of these chairs. 

I must have been 

the first to arrive, and I was ushered into the one closest 

to the Bench. I sat down and sunk into this really comfortable chair and was handed a pen and 

small scroll.

I was curious as I looked at it, for it looked really 

old-fashioned. The pen was a feather quill with an old fashioned nib like a fountain pen at the bottom to write with.  The “pad” was a scroll that was made out of parchment. It would open automatically as you wrote upon it when you got to the bottom of the page. 

It was kind of like an iPad that looked like a small Torah scroll at the same time. 

The angel showed me how it worked, it was extremely easy to hold and write on. 

 When I would start to write, it would write whatever 

I thought of in perfect calligraphy script as fast as 

I thought it! The nib seemed to just fly over the parchment with ease in my hand. It would write whatever the angel put into my mind from what I saw and heard 

to record, and then would describe perfectly any other information 

the Holy Spirit deemed important 

in an instant as it happened. It was the easiest thing 

I ever written, it seemed to do all the work without my thinking or trying. I think this must be 

Heaven’s way of court/legal stenography! Most amazing of all, I was writing in Hebrew, and I hardly know 

the language at all! 

But, somehow, I understood and thought in fluent Hebrew during this vision. I cannot offer any explanation for 

this at all.

The angel said, “You are one of five Prophet Recorders that have been summoned from the earth to chronicle 

and witness this trial soon to begin." Just let the pen flow over the parchment and it will be a witness to the proceedings. Then, you will sign it when it is finished, 

and it will be added to the 

Eternal Ledger of Legal Proceedings.

Soon, the other four recorders were seated and shown 

how to write as I was. 

   I recognized one of them as a current Prophet on earth. He was the only other from the Western world. 

I cannot speak of whom it was at this time and the other three of them were not known to me. 

We were all different races from different regions of the earth. One was a Chinese woman of great age, who just glowed with the wisdom and 

love of God. 

We were dressed in black robes, with red border sashes 

on the sides and the sleeves. The other Prophet/Recorder was a lady from 


who had a headdress that wrapped around her head which flashed rays of light whenever she moved. She spoke 

and wrote in French, I believe. The fifth was a man from South America. I was given a Yarmulka of golden color. 

It had twelve ruby stones around it. 

God called me to wear a Yarmulka whenever I minister on earth, so I wasn’t surprised that 

I had one to wear here. 

When the angel put it on my head I could feel the weight of it like it was made out of actual metal/gold, 

even though it felt soft 

to the touch  

like silk.

 Everyone finally assembled and a great and beautiful Angel who presided 

over the courtroom named "Justice"stood up. 

She seemed to tower over us and was about 20 feet tall! Then angels appeared with long trumpets on 

either side of the courtroom and sounded a fanfare 

that ended with a blast. 

     The Angel Justice then shouted with a very loud, 

but soprano, Voice: “ALL RISE! The Honorable Ancient of Days, The Judge of all Creation, The King of the Ages, 

The Most High LORD Almighty is Present 


     We all stood up exactly at the same time in unison.

Then the most awesome sound of praise and worship filled the atmosphere as we all began to praise 

His Glorious Majesty together. 

I have never experienced such a sense 

of awe as the Fear of the LORD filled the Court! 

It was only then that I could just make out who was seated behind the Holy Bar.  

There were not nine judges, 

but twelve. God the Father sat in the middle with six 

of the Supreme Court Judges 

on both sides of Him. I somehow knew He was the final deciding vote in every decision. 

After our praises finished, the Angel Justice , 

who I now saw was a Lady and not 

a male Angel, shouted: “Be Seated! 

The High Court is now is session. 

She was standing just 

in front of His Throne. She had a golden gavel and struck a giant crystalline base with it . 

There was a great thunderclap and lightning flashed out from the gavel base and flew across the room in all directions.

It was only then that I could see the Judges behind the bench. The only Person I could not see the 

Face of was the Father,

but I could see the Throne He sat upon and the outline of His face. He seemed to be clothed in 

white blinding light as well. 

He had a black robe on but had every color 

of the rainbow flashing out of it. If He moved even slightly, lightning bolts would fly all over the room out 

of His head, His hands and His feet.

   The other Judges to the Father’s right hand were Enoch, Father Abraham , Moses the Lawgiver, David 

the King, Elijah the Prophet, and Daniel. 

On the Father’s left hand side, were John the Baptist, Peter, James, John, Andrew, and Paul the Apostle. 

I do not know whether these were the permanent Judges of the Supreme Court 

of Heaven or not, but these were the ones seated for 

this case. 

They all were dressed in black iridescent judge robes. There were stunning crowns of glory on each of their heads, 

and they were holding gold scepters in their right hands. 

The Father in the middle 

of the 

The Great White Throne of Judgment 

held the biggest scepter and had many crowns suspended over His head that shot lightnings out of them in every direction. I could not look upon them or His face because it was so bright it was like looking into the noonday sun.

   I was given one glimpse at Him when He first came into the Courtroom. 

There was a rainbow that would appear that encircled Him above and below that I saw a few times during this vision. I could not endure looking at Him for more than 

a split second before I had to avert my eyes for the white blazing brightness was too intense. 


All the judges behind the Great Bar were emanating great light that 

was also nearly blinding. That is the closest 

I can describe them now.

Then the Case was read before all present by Lady Justice The Angel:

She spoke: This is (the summary) of the case brought before the Supreme Court of Heaven today:

“The Timing of the Final Judgments of the Day 


the LORD must be decided. 

The Accuser Satan is prosecuting, 

declaring that the time of Adam’s lease is over and he must be allowed 

to take ownership of the earth for 

a time, and times, and a half of time, 

As It Is 

Written in the Holy Scriptures.

“Representing the Holy Defense is the LORD Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah, the Lamb of God.” 

At this, Yeshua Himself stood up at the Defense table as the Advocate General 

of the 

Bride of Messiah on earth.


    He was representing the Holy Saints of God 

still alive 

in their bodies on earth. 

     When He stood up at the left table, everyone bowed and worshiped, accept those at the prosecution table 

to the right. 

There was a very handsome man who just sat stone-faced with several other princes at the prosecution table. 

They did not move. The Head “man” sneered when they worshiped Yeshua.

 “Representing the agenda of the fallen Lucifer, now called Satan, 

is himself The Accuser, liar and deceiver, - 

H.A. Satan.” At this, the handsome prince with the evil smirk stood up. No one moved. 

There was silence 


the courtroom for about a minute. 

    Then, Lady Justice spoke again, 

“You may sit down now.” Finally, he did so, with another sneering grunt. I marveled that he seemed human 

and actually very attractive to look at, 

although there was 

no heavenly light in him or around him.

“The prosecution may proceed,” Lady Justice proclaimed.

At that, this ‘man’ stood up. He was robed in a black suit that had a long cape of crimson red that followed 

behind him. He had gold epaulets on his shoulders that were built into his cape. 

He was very articulate and 

extremely haughty. 

I got sick to my stomach, as he spoke. 

He walked back and forth in front of the 

court room 

in long strides with his nose in the air. 

It reminded me 

of a painting of what Napoleon looked like, except this ‘man’ was much taller than Napoleon. 

He began his long diatribe of accusation against fallen man. He seemed 

to know the Bible very well. Starting from 

Adam and Eve.

He began accusing God of failing mankind in every generation. 

He started with the stipulation, “Adam was given exactly 6,000 years to rule the earth. He gave that lease to me 

and I own it. I have a right to rule over every man, woman, and child who are MINE by Adam’s free choice. 

The time is up...I now demand to be given 

to me the government of Mankind 

through whom you call the "Son of Perdition."

 I call him 

My Son of Man. I have the scriptural right to take 

control of the earth for SEVEN years. 


Then he sat down. Again, for about a minute or so. 

There was complete silence.

  Lady Justice then spoke again, 

“The Defense may proceed.”

    "Yeshua," then arose from the Defense table. 

He wore a white robe with blue trim and red sleeves with a bottom border and neck border of red. 

He wore a small "DIADEM" of solid diamonds 

As A Crown. 



Learn to pronounce


A jeweled crown or headband worn as a symbol of sovereignty.


crown of thorns












The Authority or Dignity Symbolized by A Diadem.

noun: the diadem

"The Princely Diadem."

Once again, when he stood up, everyone bowed their heads before Him in worship, except those 

at the prosecution table.

He said, (In Summary)

    “As the True Son of Man), I have taken the 

Death Penalty for every generation of fallen man, including those in this harvest generation. 

I also stripped Satan of his authority over the 

Church of the Living God. 

His gates can no longer prevail against her. 

 Through the intercession of 

My Holy Bride 

on Earth, 

the overcoming Church of the Living God, there has been granted a pause by this Court to allow for the fullness 

of the harvest (ie: The end of the world)

to come during the last hearing on this matter in 2015. 

(Five years ago in earth’s time.) 

For I Spoke On Earth, As It Is Written.

This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world and then the end shall come.

     I, by the authority of the prayers and intercession 

of the Bride, documented here in this scroll…

 He handed the scroll to the Father, and another copy 

of it to Satan’s prosecution table… 

I petition the Court for another measure of time for the end time church to finish and fulfill the 

promise to 

My people, as it is written, that NONE should perish, but all 

(Who Are Truly Mine)

 have the opportunity to hear the 

good news of the Gospel and to be saved from 


      As he was speaking, Satan - The handsome man’s lawyer was busy reading the scroll feverishly to see if there 

truly was enough intercession to stop his immediate seizing of the earth and for 

The Great Tribulation to begin. 

He was consulting his other diabolical lawyers about it .      

 Foul language was coming out of his mouth along with hissing and accusing his right hand man, 


"You told me that we had destroyed the prayers of the church." 

The great awakening had been thwarted! "!##***[email protected]&*!!”

Yeshua continued, As you can see, my faithful Bridal remnant has kept the faith, enduring evil and continues 

to overcome. The blood of the martyrs has proven their faithfulness. Look at China. look at the Middle East, 

look at Africa, look at Indonesia, look 

at South America, look at the islands of the sea, 

look at 

My persecuted Bride in ALL nations

    Even America has held, though all of hell has been thrown against her. The facts speak for themselves. 

I have the authority to request for another 

extension of time. 

The Defense petitions the 



another extension of time in the Grace 

that I purchased by My blood On The Cross. 

  Also, I petition the Court to look into the scrolls 

of the hidden counsels written before the foundations of the earth regarding 


Mysteries of the Harvest 

of the end of days. 

These, Satan has NO knowledge of - as they were never shown to him. 

It is written there, as well as in the hidden revelation 

of scripture, that the 

Tribulation beginning the Kingdom Age must begin 

only after ALL of My Brides that are ordained 

to Eternal Life are saved and come to the knowledge of the truth

This information can also be found in the scroll given 


my hands to the Court for eternal record. 

The evidence written in this scroll fully confirms and documents our Holy and Righteous claim.

” Though millions shall come to me and be saved in the Tribulation to come, My Holy Brides must all be prepared now!"Then there came a time of silence. Nobody moved. 

The Judges on the bench were studying the scroll. Somehow it had multiplied into 13 scrolls. 

All of the Judges, (including the Father), read through the scroll. 

I got to get one glance at the writing. 

It was written in red! 

It was written in


Blood of Yeshua

     I was told that by the chronicling Angel that was helping me to write...Amazingly, as I wrote about this, 

the ink coming out of my pen became blood red as well for the duration of the description of it. 

Then, it turned back to black ink again.

After some deliberation, there was a vote. 

Every judge voted in favor of the saints to extend another time period of grace. I cannot disclose how long 

it is at this time.

Finally, the Father, the Great Judge of All The Earth, spoke. He said:

“On the basis of the evidence presented by the Defense, I decree that the prosecution has failed to bring 

a closing to the final days of Grace on earth. An extension of time has been granted to the saints of the overcoming Bridal Remnant Church."

       “Nevertheless, the birthing pains and judgments on the earth will not be stopped. 

H.A-Satan has the authority to rule over the tares of the earth-

"The wicked in darkness, "

by their willing consent according to the tenets 


free will given to Adam’s race 

at the beginning of creation. Both the tares and the wheat have grown up and are now ready to be harvested. Therefore, the Birth pangs of Judgment shall increase.


Those that will abide with Me in the secret place, 

I will provide for and protect. 

Those that do not are 

in more and more peril with each passing day. 

Though I have granted this, 

the final Day of the LORD has indeed come, 


the prosecution is correct. 

The time of Grace upon the earth is nearly over. 

Warn my children: This is the midnight hour! 

Watch and Pray that you can stand in the evil day 

and overcome! 

I am answering the prayers of My Kingdom coming to earth. 

It shall come first in the fire of My Holy judgments! 

But it shall also come in the Great Awakening that I have promised of revival and outpouring. 

    The Time of My Wrath is soon to engulf 

the earth! 

In it I will remember Mercy.


Many millions of souls shall be saved and come 

to the 

Knowledge of The "Truth.”


Then the Angel Lady Justice, 

came forward and was blindfolded. 

She raised a large, 

old fashioned scale in her hands above her head. 

Into one of the bowls a presiding angel poured a black sand-like powder from a brass urn. 

This tipped the scale all the way at the bottom as far as it could descend. 

     This represented the accumulated sin and rebellion of all of mankind, as well as the failures of the church in 

this generation. Into the other bowl, a presiding angel dressed in a golden robe poured a white sand-like powder 

from a porcelain white urn, that represented the prayers and intercession and obedience of the overcoming church 

in generations past 

as well as the Bridal company of our generation. 

(This is what allows for evil to be restrained.) 

I was really alarmed, because it looked so small at first compared to the amount of black powder in the other bowl. But, the angel kept pouring, 

and suddenly 

the Holy justice 

scale began to balance out. 



As we all watched, the scale suddenly shifted. 

The white bowl went down and the black bowl came up! Then there were mighty shouts 


Praise and Victory in the Courtroom!

 The Father raised His 

golden scepter 


His left hand, and slammed his gavel down 

accompanied by thunderclaps and lightning flashing everywhere with bursts of rainbow colors shooting through 

the courtroom, and said, 

“The time of Grace shall be extended as petitioned By The Bride of Messiah for a little longer."

An extended length of time has been granted to finish 

the final harvest in the Age of Grace.

Note: I have condensed what was spoken 


the trial 

into this brief summary. 

I am forbidden to share any more…though 

much more was spoken. 

You can (eventually) go to the 

Library of Legal Proceedings in Heaven 

to access the entire transcript. Of course, you will probably have to wait for this access when you arrive there, 

unless granted by the LORD through revelation 

by the Holy Spirit. Amen.)

Then, I was told to sign the recording scroll I had written. The other four prophet recorders also signed their scrolls. 

I noticed that their scrolls were written 

in different earthly languages. The most visible was in Chinese.

Then, the vision ended and I immediately went 

to my computer and typed what I saw and heard.

Dearly Beloved Bride of Messiah

we must labor now while it is light! 

Soon it will be night, where we cannot labor 

in the Harvest Fields of the earth any longer.

People get ready! Jesus is coming!

He who walks with man.